Guatemala has modified the requirements to enter the Country. From now on, the passenger will need to show an PCR/ANTIGEN test no more than 96 hours before boarding.

Here are the requirements to enter the country by air, land or sea:

By air

  • Negative PCR/antigen test, no more than 96 hours before boarding (applies only to people 10 years old or older, this test must be done in a laboratory certified by the country of origin).
  • Fill out the Health Pass form. You can download the form at the following link:
  • Mandatory use of a mask on the premises (children under 2 years of age don’t need to wear a mask. Exempt from use to passengers who have certified medical contraindications for their use).
  • Respect social distancing signs.
  • Do not travel if you have any symptoms of respiratory disease.

By land 

  • Foreigners
    • Required Tests: PCR test or negative antigen, no more than 96 hours prior (applies to persons 10 years of age or older) for passengers entering the national territory.
    • Record of personal information for tracking and monitoring
    • Use of mask compulsory for people over 2 years old.
    • Fill out the Health Pass form. You can download the form at the following link:
  • Guatemalan, temporary and permanent residents and diplomatic corps.
    • Temperature monitoring will be carried out.
    • Recording personal information for follow-up and monitoring
    • Use of mask mandatory for people over 2 years old

By sea 

  • 24 hours before arrival, the ship’s authorities will send to the ship’s agency, which in turn forwards it to the harbour master and the UVE via email, a preliminary declaration of maritime health and the temperature record of the passengers and crew for the last 24 hours and a statement that they have no suspects on board with COVID19.
  • Onboard medical and nursing staff carry out temperature measurement and recording of passengers and crew onboard the ship prior to arrival in port.
  • This record is delivered along with the declaration of maritime health will be delivered at the time of official reception at the point of entry.
  • It will be signed by the ship’s captain and validated (countersigned) by a doctor on board.
  • In coordination with the port captain, a rapid risk assessment will be carried out in accordance with international health regulations by answering the following questionnaire via radio.
    • Have you had on board in the last 14 days the symptoms of COVID19?
    • In the previous 14 days, have any new crew members boarded?
    • Have you identified or received information from any crewmember or passenger with some symptoms to COVID-19?
  • If the application of the questionnaire determines that there is a risk to public health, the ship does not dock, the port captain together with the shipping agent and the maritime health doctor will make a visit at anchor to determine the actions to be taken.

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