Tak’alik Ab’aj National Archeological Park

The Tak’alik Ab’aj National Archeological Park, located in the Southern part of Guatemala, is a Preclassic Mesoamerican site of special significance, as it was a main trading point in the region, that left unique remains in which it is possible to appreciate the merging of two cultures: the Maya and the Olmec culture. A wide assemblage of hundreds of carved monuments and stones makes Tak’alik Ab’aj one of the most eclectic collections in all of Mesoamerica.

The oldest archaeological remains at Tak’alik Ab’aj, which evidence of their astronomical advances, date back nearly 3,000 years to around 800 BC and towards the end of the Early Pre-Classic period. That is more than 28 eight centuries ago.

Their Scientific, cosmopolitan and innovative advances make Tak’alik Ab’aj a unique site to be considered as a candidate for the cultural heritage list of UNESCO.

Video: Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes de Guatemala

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