Trade and investment

Guatemala’s trade balance has been negative in the last years. In 2017, the trade deficit reached US$ 4.9 billion, US$ 6 billion in 2018 and by 12 September 2019 it reached US$6.2 billion.

The trade balance between Guatemala and the United Kingdom, however, has been positive towards Guatemala, as the country is exported more to the UK than what is imported from this country. Before 2010, Guatemala has a trade deficit with the UK but in this year a balance point was reached and from 2014 Guatemala registered a steady surplus with the UK. In 2014, the surplus reached US$15.4 million, in 2015 US$41.9 million, US$66.8 million in 2016, US$58.7 in 2017 and US$31.8 million in 2018. By June 2019 the trade surplus with the UK reached US$38.4 million.


According to the information published by the Banco de Guatemala, foreign direct investment that United Kingdom carried out in Guatemala during the year 2017, amounted to US$ 27.0 million, with 2.4% of participation of the total received. The main investment sectors are:

  • Telecommunications – US$19.2 million;
  • Trade – US$3.1 million;
  • Agriculture, oil, mines and quarries – US$3.1 million
  • Manufacturing industry – US$0.8 million.
  • Other activities – US$0.8 million.